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Debt Consolidation

Feel like your existing debts (credit cards, personal loans, other loans) are choking you? You may be paying double interest rates on some credit cards. Managing multiple debts and consequentially the multiple payments over a period can be stressful and a drain on yourself. Breathe easy and take control of your financial situation through debt consolidation. Eldorado Home Loans can help you consolidate all your debts into one easy weekly or fortnightly payment (flexible payment options).

We offer

  • Free consultation with our qualified personal loan advisor for a personalized solution to manage your existing debts
  • A range of flexible personal loans from our lenders with competitive interest rates and flexible repayment options
  • Pre-application check of your individual rate without affecting your credit score
  • End-to-end support of our qualified advisor to take you through the entire process from application to documentation to loan approval

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